Will TNT allow ‘I Am The Night’ Streaming On Netflix And Hulu?

TNT has many amazing shows, which other streaming services are vying for. However, TNT doesn’t let other streaming services to access its shows that easily. Recently, ‘I Am The Night’ was completed at TNT, and it got an excellent response from the fans, as they truly liked the series. Now, people who are subscribed to other streaming services want to know whether this service is going to appear on their respective streaming services or not. People having subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu are desperate to watch ‘I Am The Night’.

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This incredible thriller show is based on a popular novel ‘One Day She’ll Darken The Mysterious Beginnings Of Fauna Hodel’. In the book, the journey of the real Fauna Hodel is given, as to how she finds her birth mother and learn details about her family. She wanted to know why her family gave her up for adoption. So, as you can see that Fauna has many questions to ask about her roots, but as the starts to begin her search, she found a lot more than what she intended to. This is an incredible story, which will keep you glued to the book, but now that it is available in the form of a TV series, you can imagine, how more exciting it is.

It is also a fact that the TNT Drama didn’t follow the novel page-by-page, but the director hasn’t changed the essence of the story. The jest of the story remains intact, with tiny modifications to make the story a bit more interesting.

The villain of the story was Fauna’s grandfather, George Hodel, who was also the main suspect in the Black Dahlia murder case. He was a man with a sadistic mindset because he allegedly raped Fauna’s mother as well and is also the father of Fauna.

As far as the cast of this amazing thrilling series is concerned, then that includes Golden Brooks, Jefferson Mays, India Eisley, Chris Pine and many more. This is a must-watch show on TNT, which consists of six episodes, one hour each, which you will be able to binge-watch if you want to. All the amazing facts about the show make Netflix and Hulu users desperate to get it on these two platforms.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not streamed any show from the TNT network so far, so chances are bleak whether this show is going to make its way on the platform, but nothing can be said for sure. As far as Hulu is concerned, then it has got many of the TNT series available, such as Good Behavior, Claws, Currently and others, so there is a good chance that ‘I Am The Night’ join those shows and entertain Hulu users, but we have to wait until it really happens.

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