Why Pay For Movies And TV Shows When Sony Crackle Offers Free Streaming?

With new streaming services cropping up every day, it is becoming very difficult for viewers to keep up with the changes. They don’t know which service to opt for and which one to skip. If you too have the same conundrums, then let us be very clear about one app that you should definitely subscribe to, i.e., Sony Crackle. This ad-supported streaming service is going to cost you nothing, and it is available in many countries including the US (obviously), Australia and many Latin American countries. If you haven’t heard about Sony Crackle yet, then you should read about it because there aren’t too many free apps available on the market, which also offer excellent content.

Sony Crackle Activate

Sony Crackle, earlier known as Crackle and before that, ‘Grouper’, has undergone several changes over the years and currently offers a large library of content to its users. It has many top-rated movies and TV shows, which you can access free of cost. Today, we will be discussing the process of streaming content through Sony Crackle, its pros and cons, and other details.

How to stream movies and TV shows on Sony Crackle?

While there are many benefits of accessing Sony Crackle, but the one standing out from the rest is its ability to stream movies and TV shows on a number of streaming devices. Sony Crackle can also be accessed on your computer through its official website. Similarly, the service can be accessed on Android and iOS devices by downloading the app from their respective app stores. It is even available on several smart TVs and game consoles including PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire TV and more.

As far as the interface of the app is concerned, then that is also quite intuitive, which makes it easier to navigate through. The front page of the website and mobile app features movies and TV shows, which you can sort by genre, popularity, recently added or alphabetically. You will be able to see the trailers and short clips of the movies and TV shows.

All these features are available to the users free of cost, and by that, we mean that you don’t have to create an account on Sony Crackle. However, you should create an account as then, you will be able to create a ‘Watch later’ list. Also, you won’t have to enter your birth date repeatedly while watching R-rated movies.

Movie and show selection

It is obvious that Sony Crackle is not as good as Netflix or Hulu, but it has plenty to offer to the users. You will find around 150 feature-length movies on the platform along with 75 TV series, which you can binge-watch.

As far as the content on Crackle is concerned, then new content is added every day while some old content is removed. But, one thing is sure, the platform has everything for everyone, so you won’t get bored with Sony Crackle.

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