Why Norco Was Chosen For Shooting Scenes For A Suspense Drama on TNT Drama?

For a second straight year, Norco has played an important role in increasing the reputation of the region as ‘Hollywood South’.

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One of the most popular series on TNT named ‘Tell Me Your Secrets’ has set up a shop in Norco for shooting a few scenes for the first season of the suspense drama. Just like 2018, the crew of the movie found the Apple Street Diner as the perfect stage for shooting the scene. People will get to see how incredible the shooting was when the episode airs on TNT Drama.

A film crew for the TV show initially selected the restaurant in September of 2018 and started shooting scenes for the show in the restaurant right away because it was so going perfectly with the storyline.

There has also been a change in the name of the series, which is now called ‘Deadlier than the Male’. A few weeks ago, one of the Apple Street Diner’s representatives posted to the Facebook page of the restaurant that the restaurant will remain closed for a few days due to the shooting of a television show. The show is described as ‘intense’ by TNT, as it tells the story of three damaged people who have a tainted past but are trying to start afresh.

The owner of Apple Street Diner, Mr. Adam Bragdon has given an interview in which he said that the film crew would return for a couple more times for the filming, which they did. Adam also told us that the exterior shots of the diner are going to be used as the opening montage for each episode.

Adam feels it has truly been a blessing to have been a part of such an amazing show. After all, he himself comes from the film industry. Being a part of the film fraternity, he has a nostalgic feel about the entire thing.

The crew of the TV show has already shot at the diner for episode two, six and seven. There have been a few changes made to the restaurant to set an atmosphere reflecting an older time period. Adam Bragdon also revealed that although the scenes were filmed in a day or so, the changes made to the restaurant led to the temporarily shut down of the diner for about a week.

As far as the cast of the show is concerned, then those include Hamish Linklater from Fantastic Four, Amy Brenneman from The Leftovers and Lily Rabe from the American Horror Story. These stars are playing the central characters of the TV series. Besides these, you will also see Bryant Tardy, Chiara Aurelia, Elliot Fletcher, Ashley Madekew and Enrique Murciano in the show.

Apart from the Apple Street Diner, the shooting for the show took place at 115 Diamond Street and 100 Block of Good Hope Street.

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