Sometimes, the TNT drama app installed on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch stops responding or working all of a sudden due to some reasons. The quick and the most effective troubleshooting steps for this problem are discussed here in this post.

TNTdrama Com Activate Fire Tv

  1. Force close the app: From your iPhone, iPad or iPod close the app and open it again. If you are using the Apple Watch, then press the side button for at least 5 seconds. Now, press the digital crown to quit the app.
  2. Apple TV: For Apple TV users, you need to press the home button and swipe the screen to the left or right to find the app with the issue. Swipe up to close the app forcefully.
  3. Restart the device: If the TNT app is still not responding or stops all of a sudden, then restart the iPad, iPhone or Apple watch. The process of restarting the device is just similar to switching it off and on. Check if the app has now started working or not.
  4. Check for updates: Ensure that you are using the latest version of iOS on your device. If the version is obsolete, you can update it from the official page. To manually update the apps through on-screen instructions, click on the relevant link. A strong wireless connection is required on the device from which you are going to perform an update.

From the Apple TV, go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Apps and turn on automatic updates’. If the update is not allowed automatically, you can go to the ‘Purchase tab’ and select the app product page. See if the update option is grayed out or available.

  1. Remove and re-install the app: From iPhone, iPad and iPod, uninstall the app by getting into ‘Settings’. Click on ‘General’ and go to ‘Storage’. Click on the ‘TNT app’ and click to remove it. Tap to offload it again. Once the app uninstallation gets finished, you can install it again from the app store.

Apple TV: To delete the app, highlight the app from the home screen and press and hold the Touch surface until the drop-down menu appears. Press ‘Pause’ and then ‘Delete’. Open the app store and select the ‘TNT drama’ app again to download it. There are some apps like TNT that requires a valid subscription. If you are facing a problem in activating the app, then check the information entered by you if it is correct or not.

Apple watch: To delete the app from the watch, go to ‘My watch tab’ and scroll down to search for TNT drama. Click on ‘Turn off the app’ and wait for it to disappear. To install the app again, scroll down to ‘Available apps’ and click on ‘Install’.

  1. Contact app developer: If the issue still exists within the app, then contact the app developer. Sometimes, there are major bugs reported in the previous version of the app which gets removed in the latest coming up version.We provide assistance regarding the process of TNTDrama activation process on Fire TV. Although, it is a pretty simple process via TNTDrama com activate Fire TV, yet many people are not able to do it. If you too are facing problems, then visit at our official website.

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