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What Are Different Methods To Download Sony Crackle Movies?

 Sony Crackle is a media streaming service that offers its users a wide variety of shows and movies. People having subscription to this channel can access to many original series and TV shows. These are all  broadcasted on Sony like ‘The oath’ and more. You can get Sony crackle on any device like Smart TV, PS3, and Mac. But you need to remember that it comes with an active internet connection. There is no need to register for a user account to access free content. Another important feature of this service is multitasking, which allows the user to perform multiple tasks with one running in the background.

If you are watching any video and want to play another video, you will see that the first video is going to be in the minimized format automatically. Then, on every 2nd Friday, there is an addition of two movies in the catalog. If you want to watch any movies from crackle offline, then the best ways to download the movies are:

  1. Video keeper lite: This is the best tool for experiencing offline videos. This software lets you download the movies in HD quality. Another important feature is that you will get the fast speed with the entire bandwidth of network connection. You will get the option to download a part of the movie individually. The process to download and install the video keeper lite is like this:
  • Download and install the software: You can download the software online by using the web browser of your computer or laptop. Read on-screen instructions and launch the app. To maximize the app, sign-in, and register the account using the email address. The interface will then open from where you will get different options.
  • Start downloading the Sony Crackle movies: Now, from the web browser go to the Sony Crackle page and select the movie you want to download. Copy the URL and back to the app. Click on ‘Paste URL’. Wait until you see that the video is saved.
  • Check download progress: Wait for the downloading to get complete. The movie usually downloads in less than 1 hour if the speed of the internet is proper. Once finished, over to ‘Completed’ panel and search for the video you have recently downloaded. Right-click on it to start playing the video.
  1. Yoodownloader: It is another way of downloading a movie from Sony Crackle. You can use this easy to navigate tool  with multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and lots more. There is no need to install the app on your computer for downloading the videos, you simply require a web browser for playing the videos you want to. Moreover, if you want to convert the video to MP3 format, then you can make use of this software. It will convert the file immediately and download it on your PC. If you are unaware of the steps to download the videos and instructions for using this software, you can contact the channel experts.

It must be remembered that if you are trying to watch the content from Sony Crackle which is not available under ‘Free to watch list’, you will have to register and activate the account online. The process of activating the channel is simple.


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