TNT And TBS Now Available On Amazon Fire TV And Stick

You will be glad to hear the news that Turner Entertainment has set watch TNT and TBS free for Amazon Fire TV and TV stick. Alike other apps, both these apps require valid activation and subscription to start streaming content on said devices. Both channels being owned by the same company resemble each other, the only difference in the content.

On the home screen, there are content highlighted which are in-demand and watched by a good number of subscribers. There’s a different section for shows and movies on the screen. Right on the top of the screen, you will find the ‘Sign-in’ button, by pressing which you can watch your favorites. Activation is fairly simple and involves entering a code from the device on the TNT activate link. To login, simply enter the cable subscription login details. When you login to one app, another app will be auto signed-in but, to watch full-length movies or shows, activation is mandatory.

Over to the shows section, you will find a list of content which are available for streaming. You will get complete details related to the total number of episodes of each show along with a brief description of it.

Getting through the list of available episodes of a show is a genial experience. You don’t need to click on the show to check the episodes, simply check out the content. Moreover, you don’t need to jump in and out of the different screens to get back to the app home screen and its content, you hardly need to press the back button from the remote. On the app interface, you will get information about the expiry of every episode, so you can estimate how long the episode is available on the app. This feature is otherwise rarely found in other media streaming apps.

Coming to the movies section of this app, there are limited numbers if compared to the shows section, yes the titles are decent and popular.  All the movies are lined-up in a single row without any filter like genre, year, and other metrics. Alike shows, the expiration dates of each movie are listed along with the title and the duration.

The extra section in these apps comprises the majority of content which are free for streaming and doesn’t require any kind of activation. You will find interviews, trailers and behind the scene showcases in this section. If you find any show hardly under ‘Extras’, then it will maximum of 2-3 minutes.

Fortunately, both the apps support live streaming so, you can watch what is being currently aired on the cable channel. There is no need to wait for the show to become available on-demand. If you have subscribed to the paid services, then you can enjoy live shows. These apps take their live stream to the next level than other network apps by offering content based onthe east and west coast independently. The ever-growing trend towards the streaming services by the people instead of watching movies and shows via cable boxes has been picking the attention of the big networks and the live example can be checked in these two apps from turner.

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