Start Watching Movies For Free On Your Sony Crackle

New streaming services are being introduced every single device. However, free and legal streaming services are still few. Sony Crackle is one of the service among these streaming services that is offering free of cost streaming to the US and Australian customers with ad-based content. Though the ad-free version is also available in some Latin American countries. If you have not heard of Sony Crackle until now, then you are not the only one because the company has changed its name many a times. First it was known by Grouper, then by Crackle and now by Sony Crackle. It is now even planning to further change its name to Crackle plus as its ownership is sole under the hands of Chicken Soup and entertainments.

Sony Crackle Com Activate


The Sony Crackle streaming service keeps on improving the content over the years. It is now offering the most popular movies and TV shows to the American users. So, if you really want to enjoy some free movies or content on your TV, then start streaming Sony Crackle after installing it on your streaming player.

How to watch movies and shows on Sony Crackle?

The best thing about the Sony Crackle is that you can watch the movies and shows on multiple devices. If you want to access on the PC, then open via website or if you are using the smartphone or tablet, then open the particular app from the app store. Apart from this, Sony Crackle is also available on number of Gaming consoles and Smart TVs like Amazon Fire, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 4 and Xbox one.

The interfacing of Crackle is user-friendly and easy to understand. On the main home page, you will find the popular films and shows showcasing today. If you want to sort according to Genre or popularity, you can click on the desired option.

As discussed earlier, the things and stuff are available for free on Sony Crackle. So, you don’t need to even make an account on this platform. However, it is suggested to create an account as it will help in loading the content according to your wish list or previous searches. You don’t need to enter the date of birth again and again for watching adult movies.

Movies and show selection

After knowing about the Sony Crackle streaming platform, you might be thinking of knowing the movies and shows library. Well, there are around 150 long-length movies and 75 series available to watch on Sony Crackle.

Crackle keeps on updating the content. The old movies kept on deleting and new ones are added on routine basis. The most prominent ones are Action and comedy or blend of both. You can enjoy the famous cult classics like Kung Fu Hustle, Starship Troopers and Zombieland. Apart from these, a large collection of Japanese anime series is also available for watching on Sony Crackle.

We offer precise assistance to our customers facing issues related to Crackle activate process. Despite being a simple process, people find issues activating the channel.

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