My Lifetime Activate

Lifetime Movies is an American Digital Cable & Satellite TV Network, which is owned by A&E Networks. The brand is a joint venture between Hearst Corporation and Disney-ABC Television Group (a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company). Lifetime movies consist of TV shows and movies exclusively designed for women. Many of the Lifetime original movies were aired on the flagship Lifetime Channel. Along with that, the network also premiered original movies, which later broadcast on Lifetime. A number of made-for-TV movies that are broadcasted on Lifetime Movies were originally aired on broadcast networks.


To enjoy the top-quality content available on Lifetime Movies, the company has created Mylifetime app, which has all that you as a user needs from an entertainment app. However, in order to enjoy the content of Mylifetime app, you need to install it on your streaming device followed by activating it.

You can easily find My Lifetime Activation code from Mylifetime/Activate link and once you have the code, the activation process is only a few seconds away.

Before you proceed with the activation process of My Lifetime app, you must ensure that you have a valid My Lifetime subscription, or else, you won’t be able to activate the app on your streaming device.

How To Install My Lifetime App?

The first step to activating My Lifetime app goes with installing the app. My Lifetime app is supported by all the major streaming devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Fire Stick and so on.

To install My Lifetime channel, follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the app store of the streaming device that you are using.
  2. Search for ‘My Lifetime Channel’.
  3. Once found, tap on the ‘Add Channel’ button.
  4. As you click the ‘Add Channel’ button, the app begins to install.

Lifetime App

These steps are standard steps for installing My Lifetime app on a number of devices such as Firestick, Apple TV, Roku, PS4 and others.

However, the process of installing the app on iOS and Android devices involves going to the respective app store of the device, searching for the app and then, installing the same. Activate

Upon the installation of My Lifetime Channel on your device, you need to generate mylifetime com activation code from the device and enter it at activate page.

  1. On the web browser of your computer or smartphone, you need to go to’ page.
  2. Then, you need to select your device, which could be Roku, Apple TV, Firestick or any other that you are using.
  3. Enter your ‘My Lifetime’ activation code on the TV screen followed by clicking the ‘Continue’ button to verify your ‘My Lifetime’ subscription.
  4. Now, you will be taken to your cable provider website, so log in with your user credentials to proceed or sign up for an account if you don’t have one already.

Hold on for a few minutes, and you are going to see ‘My Lifetime Channel’ appearing on your streaming device. These steps are to be followed only once, as you will be able to access the content available on the app from next time.

How To Do MyLifetime Activate Apple TV?

Once you have activated Lifetime app, you are all set to stream Lifetime content on Apple TV. Follow the below-mentioned steps to stream Lifetime content on Apple TV seamlessly.

  1. Turn on your Apple TV and search for the Lifetime app.
  2. Select the ‘Lifetime’ app as it appears in the search results.
  3. Generate the activation code.
  4. Launch a web browser on your computer or smartphone and go to ‘ page.
  5. As the webpage opens, select ‘Apple TV’.
  6. Type in the Apple TV activation code on the activation screen.
  7. Authorize the activation code.

With that, you are all set to stream your favorite content on Lifetime.

Mylifetime com Activate

Mylifetime Activate Roku – How To Do It?

Mylifetime app works on the Roku streaming device as well, but again, you will have to activate the app on mylifetime com authorize page using the right activation code or by visiting mylifetime com activate Roku page.

  1. Turn on the Roku followed by clicking the ‘Home’ button on the Roku remote control.
  2. Using the Roku remote control, navigate to ‘Roku Channel Store’.
  3. Enter ‘Mylifetime’ channel in the search bar to search and install the app.
  4. When you see the channel in the search results, click on it.
  5. Wait until the app is downloaded and installed on your Roku device.
  6. Then, navigate to ‘My Channels’ on your Roku device and click on the ‘Lifetime’ app.
  7. Now, you should generate an activation code to activate Mylifetime app.
  8. Launch a web browser on your computer or smartphone and enter mylifetime activate page.
  9. As the page loads, you need to select ‘Roku’.
  10. Enter mylifetime activation code for Roku.
  11. Click on the ‘Submit’ button and that’s it, the app has been successfully activated.

MyLifetime Activate Fire TV – What Is The Process?

  1. Turn on your Amazon Fire TV, then go to its app store, search for ‘Mylifetime’ app and install it.
  2. Once the app is installed, launch a web browser on your computer or smartphone and enter my lifetime com activate to generate the activation code.
  3. Now, visit ‘’ followed by selecting ‘Amazon Fire TV’.
  4. Enter the activation code now followed by clicking ‘Submit’ to authorize the code.

Your Mylifetime .Com /Activate Firestick has been done now and you can easily access the content you like.

Note: The activation process of mylifetime app can also be done via the ‘Downloader’ app where ‘Mylifetime’ app is downloaded via the ‘Downloader’ app to generate code for Mylifetime activate Firestick.

What if Mylifetime Activation Doesn’t Work?

In case, your ‘Mylifetime’ activation process isn’t working, then there could be some reasons behind it, maybe some errors, a missed step or internet-related issues. Here is what you should do to fix the activation problem.

  1. Make sure to enter the exact same code as what you see on the screen. Entering a wrong activation code won’t work.
  2. Enter the correct code again if it was unsuccessful the first time. Try it a second time.
  3. Make sure that your ‘ subscription’ is valid because if it is not, then you will not be able to activate the app no matter what.
  4. Make sure that the cable provider you have selected is correct along with the login information you’ve entered to access the account of your cable network.

In case, all these things are correct, yet you are not able to activate Mylifetime app, then you should get in touch with experts who will help discern the problem, be it related to the settings, activation code, log in details or any other aspect. They will assist you with the process of Mylifetime activation on your streaming device.