Monty, The AI-Based Cricket Wicket Predictor Upgraded By Fox Sports Go

If you are a cricket fanatic, then you might be familiar with the Monty, which an AI cricket-wicket predictor is, designed by Fox Sports Go. Monty is soon going to get smarter with advanced machine learning capabilities.

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Monty regaled Fox Sports viewers the previous year by predicting how likely it was that wicket would drop in the test matches. Monty’s result is based on the previous matches as well as the current data of the player. Along with this, it also analyses the pitch conditions for predicting the fall of a wicket.

Though Monty was live, but not showcasing the first test series of the season and eventually predicted the first wicket of the game in previous innings. The first wicket in the Australian innings was also predicted by the Monty but the actual condition changed due to no-ball delivered by the bowler.

Fox Sports and Servian have worked together to make and boost the prediction power of Monty for the next coming up seasons. As a result, there is a sudden change in the false wicket prediction number and much improvement as a whole in terms of accuracy.

According to Andrew Pym, Servian’s Google practice team member, the company has increased the machine learning features from 65 to 86 with the view to improve the accuracy in number and proper analysis of data. The most important addition is the blend of bowler and batsman.

If we talk of the first test, then the features were taken on the basis of the data rendered by the Fox sports. Every single ball was analyzed through the moving window model and the same was used to predict the fall of the wicket in the next 10 minutes based on the last 5 minutes activity.

Apart from this, Monty also keeps the record of the momentum of the bowling team. As far as technical work is concerned, everything is taken from the Google cloud’s tool which includes Big Query and Auto ML tables.

The company also said that they are following the event-driven approach which is useful for multiple models developed for multiple games. This is necessary for expanding and enhancing the capabilities of Monty.

After using the Google cloud Auto ML tables consisting of 12 versions, the design costs have been reduced significantly as discussed by Servian. The complete model can be now developed in less than a week.

According to Fox Sports, new and innovative techniques are offering in the Monty with the aim to engage more and more fans this season. When this upgrade is added into the Fox Sports app, you will be alerted for all key moments including the fall of the wicket before it actually happens.

With this innovation, Monty is trying to increase its market share and promoting its core products like Fox cricket app, live test match coverage, and Fox Go app.

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