How To Watch My Lifetime Channel On Chromecast?

There is a vivid number of services out there for casting with the Chromecast. Hulu, HBO, MyLifetime and Vudu are among the streaming services that fit best with the Chromecast. You might be wanting to know how to integrate My Lifetime on Chromecast. Well, we are going to discuss the steps for the same in the upcoming passages.

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Pre-requisites for linking the Lifetime with the Chromecast

  • The Chrome version installed on the computer or laptop must be the latest.
  • Plug the Chromecast into the HDMI port of your TV.
  • A valid subscription of My lifetime channel.

First of all, you need to connect the Chromecast to the home network by ensuring that the correct SSID is selected. Install the Google Home app and get the Chromecast recognized by it. Once you have plugged in the Chromecast to the power source and to the HDMI port of your TV, you can start streaming Mylifetime without any problem.

Streaming content via Chrome browser

Using the Google Chrome browser, log in to the My lifetime account with the default username and password. Press ‘Enter’ to go ahead.

  • After the video gets played, you can click on the 3 dots given on the top-right corner. You will find a ‘Cast’ option. Click on it.
  • You will find the Chrome browser starts searching for the local streaming device. Click on ‘Chromecast’.
  • Select the TV to which you have plugged in the Chromecast.
  • The casting icon will turn blue when the casting gets started.

How to improve the streaming quality of your Mylifetime channel?

You will find some streaming issues during the content playback. One of the common issues is watching the video from the browser and from the Chromecast supported device simultaneously. The audio in such cases starts stuttering.

Another issue reported by users on the Lifetime channel is the limited quality of video resolution or the quality reduced with the poor network connection or if the network card is slow.

Both issues can be resolved by implementing simple tweaks. You can enable the flag named ‘Enable-new-remote’. This will help in optimizing the video content on connected devices like Chromecast. The quality of the video automatically optimizes with the available network bandwidth.

Restart the browser now and play the videos again from the Mylifetime channel. You may be prompted to log in again. Don’t forget to turn on the ‘Full-screen’ mode from the web browser.

Apart from the above-mentioned technique, another way of improving the video quality on the Lifetime channel is the upgraded subscription. You can upgrade the existed plan to the premium for HD streaming. There are special settings available in the Google Home app from where you can adjust the video quality up to 50 Hz HDMI mode.

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