How To Watch Movies And Series On Crackle?

The Crackle is Sony Pictures’ movie and series streaming service, which also serves as an online TV. The platform works similarly to rival Netflix and has original series, films, and series shown on the Sony and AXN channels, in addition to great cinema classics. The service allows you to choose the language of all available content, i.e., the viewer can choose the original audio with or without English subtitles, or dubbed.

You can watch movies and series on Crackle via the web or the Android and iPhone (iOS) applications. All of them have synchronized playback and thus, the video continues to be seen from where it was stopped, regardless of the platform used last time.

To access the service, it is necessary to have a subscription TV service that is a partner of the platform, such as NET or Oi- the complete list is on the official website ( The videos are made available after the login with the same access data to the operator’s website. Check out the following tutorial on how to watch movies and series on Crackle.

Step 1 – Access the Crackle website and click on “Login” in the upper right corner.

Step 2 – Inform the country and the pay-TV operator. Then click on the “Login” button.

Step 3 – Enter the pay-TV access data, the same used to access the operator’s website.

Step 4 – On the home page, there are suggestions for original productions, famous films, and series, and the catalog is separated by genre. The main menu allows you to navigate between films and series.

Step 5 – Place the mouse cursor on a poster to see the technical data and the video synopsis. Click on the Play button or on “Watch now” to watch the movie or series.

Step 6 – To search for a title, click on “Search” in the main menu.

Step 7 – Enter the name of the desired movie, actor/actress, or genre and see the results. Click on the movie to watch it.

Step 8 – When playing a movie, click on the gear icon to select the audio and subtitle language.

Step 9 – A small tab on the side of the player allows you to share on Facebook or Twitter the watched film or series;

Step 10 – Click on the “Watch later” button, located below the videos, to save the movie or series in a favorites list.

Step 11 – To access the list of saved items, click on the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and finally on “Watch later”.

Ready. Enjoy the tips and see your favorite movies and series on Crackle. If you come across any problem while accessing your favorite show or movie like a buffering issue, no subtitles on the content, and any such annoying issue, you can check if the app has been properly installed or not. If it is, then check if it is activated or not. If there is some issue with the channel activation, then you should consult experts.

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