How to Watch Fox Sports Go in Canada?

Fox Sports Go is considered one of the best streaming services for watching live sports broadcasts on the Internet. However, it currently only works in the United States, so for those living outside of the US won’t be able to access the service until they take some special measures such as using a VPN service.

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If you love watching NBA playoffs, the Super Bowl or any other major sporting event in America, but are not able to watch it because you are living in Canada where FoxSportsGo is not available, then you should read the post. Today, we will be discussing on how to enable FoxSportsGo on your TV even if you are living in Canada.

Choosing the Best VPN to Watch Fox Sports Go in Canada

Whether you are a Canadian citizen or just staying there for a few weeks or months, then you can watch Fox Sports Go app using a VPN service.  There are many VPN services available on the market, so we are not going to recommend any. So, use your knowledge and other customers’ reviews to determine the best VPN service.

Servers in the United States – If you want to have a seamless connection with Fox Sports Go, you will need to have a wide range of servers in America. This will give you the chance to connect to the most reliable server available, and in turn, increase your connection speed.

Fast Connections – Since you are going to stream video continuously, you will require a fast and secure internet connection. VPN service slows down the default connection due to the encryption of the data, but if using a quality VPN service, then the difference won’t be evident.

Range of software – When you are all set to install the VPN, make sure to find a software, which is compatible with your device and its OS.

Strong Privacy Features – VPN services are immensely popular because they encrypt your browsing information, so no government agency is going to find out as to what you are browsing and from where.

Using a VPN to watch Fox Sports Go from Canada

Here is how you can access Fox Sports GO in Canada using a VPN service:

To get started, launch a web browser on your device followed by entering the VPN provider’s website and then, logging into your VPN account. After that, you need to download the app compatible with the device and its OS.

Once you have installed the VPN, launch the app followed by logging into your account by entering the right details. Most applications will immediately connect you to the fastest server available around you, which should allow you to watch Fox Sports Go. In case, you are looking to connect to another location in the US, then you can select the server manually.

In order to ensure the proper working of the VPN service, you need to carry out an IP lookup test, which will take a few minutes. But, the benefit of this test is that it tells you whether your connection is secure or not. After downloading and installing the VPN along with testing it, you will be able to stream any content on the Fox Sports Go app in Canada.

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