How To Stream Video On Fox Sports Go Outside The US?

Unfortunately, Fox Sports Go channel isn’t available to people outside the US. If you, being an American leaving the country for work or for another reason doesn’t seem to make you forget about your country sport. Being a sports lover you want to remain in contact with the games of your country. You need everyday sport updates or in case you happen to have missed the match you wish to watch it. However, this is not possible if you are residing anywhere expects the US.  What to do in this disappointing scenario?

FoxSportsGo Com Activate Android TV

This option will make you see all the US-based sports programs such as NFL, Premier League, MLB, and other sports as well. Since, we are aware that there are many US entertainment applications or TV shows which are only available to US residents thus if you live in Europe, UK, Australia or Canada, you will not be able to stream anything on this channel. But you can still stream the content of this channel in two ways firstly, by using a VPN service and secondly with the help of DNS.

Now let’s look what to do for DNS setup:

You are well familiar with the fact that while using the internet, you can be tracked by anyone. As internet access sends the details of your location to the ISP provider. So, if you are anywhere outside the US you will not be allowed to stream the content available in that region and you will see a blank screen. This case demands the change of your IP location, which means if you are streaming Fox Sports Go from Canada then the virtual location will be changed to America due to the use of a VPN.

To make DNS changes to your account, you have to create a free Unlocator trial and then, you will need to follow the guidelines appearing on the screen. Now, you have understood the concept of DNS service.

Let’s examine what needs to be done to Access the Unlocator VPN service.

Using a VPN service will let you change your IP address instead of changing your routing location. It is a safe and secure service that allows you to stream data anonymously. But you need to keep in mind that while you are selecting a routing location it should be somewhere inside the US as mentioned earlier. Fox Sports Go is only available to US inhabitants. Using this VPN will manipulate the location for some time and allow you to watch your preferable videos.

The use of this service will even prevent your browsing history to fall in the wrong hands. This will not only alter your IP address by also help you to secure your device by being hacked.

We can provide you with the right steps for activating FoxSportsGo on Android TV. You don’t have to worry if you are unable to activate the channel via Foxsportsgo activate Anrdoid TV link. You still have the option of getting the channel activated by getting in touch with us.

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