How To Sign Up For Disney Plus App?

Disney announced a year ago that it wants to launch its own streaming service, which will compete with other major streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and so on. Fast forward to the present day, Disney has a dedicated app by the name of ‘Disney Plus’, which is packed with plenty of movies and shows. Disney Plus is an app that is available in three countries, which obviously include the US, with more countries to receive support in the weeks to come.

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Disney has fathomed the huge potential of streaming apps, which is why it has launched a service of its own. Disney just after launching Disney Plus started creating content for the service so that its subscribers don’t have any shortage of content.

What is Disney Plus?

Disney Plus is the official name for the Disney streaming service. The app has content for people of age groups, so nobody is going to get bored whatsoever. But, the question arises on how to access the Disney Plus app?

Well, to access the app, you need to sign up for Disney Plus, details of which you can find below:

  1. To sign up for Disney Plus, go to its official website on your browser and then subscribe to one of the two plans that you see. You will first get a 7-day free trial, after which, you will be charged on a monthly basis depending upon the plan you choose.
  2. Now, you will be asked to enter your email address for the Disney Plus account. There will be a checkbox, which if you check will confirm that you would like to receive information about the company’s news and offers. If you don’t want to receive this information, then you can leave the box unticked. But, you will have to tick the box corresponding to ‘agree to the company’s privacy policy and subscriber agreement’, as without it, you won’t be able to proceed ahead. Then, tap the ‘Agree and Continue’ box.
  3. Now, enter the password for your account, which needs to be at least six characters long and must have a combination of numbers, alphabets, and special characters.
  4. Enter payment information now, which could be credit card, debit card or any other. You can also enable the checkbox corresponding to the option that allows the use of payment info across all Disney properties. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click ‘Agree and Continue’.
  5. Your Disney Plus sign up process concludes here.

Now, you can use the service on any device without any issue.

Disney Plus is available on several platforms such as iOS, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Android TV, Google Chromecast, Roku and Amazon Fire TV/Stick, etc. If you are using any of these devices, then you can download the app from the respective app store of these devices, sign up or sign in for the service and then, activate it to access your favorite content.

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