How To Register For TNT Premier On TNT Website?

TNT Premier video service is a project by Gazprom Media holding, launched in Aug 2018. Films and programs of the television channels Super, TNT, TNT4, TV3, 2×2, Match Premier, Match, and Disney are available on the platform. The service offers a new series, the premiere of which has not yet taken place in the air. Here, users also get access to exclusive series, for example, the comedy Home Detention, the satirical drama Call DiCaprio.

In this post, we will let you know the steps to register for TNT premiere on the TNT website and how to register through the computer.

TNTdrama Com Activate

Site interface

On the main screen of TNT premier various collections of cinema, series are presented. For example, the collections “Made by premier”, “New series”, “The biggest shows” and others. On the upper right corner is the entrance to your account, through the same tab registration www TNT premier com is carried out. Nearby are the buttons “Activate promotional code”, “Buy subscription”, search bar.

It’s possible to go to the “All videos” tab through the main screen. This section displays all units of the video service. And also the content is divided into groups: “Made by premier”, “Series”, “Show”, “Films”, “Animation”, “Subscription premier”, “Daily”.

Series are divided by genre: comedy, drama, detectives, mysticism, crime, military, and dramas; films, too – comedies, dramas, melodramas, action films, thrillers, horrors, science fiction, and documentaries. The shows are divided into groups: humor, stand up, mysticism, reality, entertainment.

In the “TV channels” tab, the platform’s online viewing of TV channels is available, as well as a TV program.

Description of films, series, shows contains:

•a brief retelling of the plot, trailer

•age limit


•selection “See also”

•a brief retelling of the plot of each series

•teaser series

•year of issue

•share icon on social networks


•Downloadable icon.

After registering in your account, your subscriptions, connected devices, social networks, browsing history, content that you added to your Favorites, as well as the Settings tab will be available.

TNT Prime Registration

To watch movies, TV shows and broadcasts on TNT premiere, as well as make a purchase subscription, you must register on the service. Registration can be done through the website and applications on various devices.

If you encounter errors during registration, please contact the technical support team

How to register on the website of TNT Prime from a computer?

To register for a video service through a computer or laptop, you must perform the following steps:

•Go to the TNT website of the service:

•In the upper right corner of the main screen, click the tab to enter your account.

•Click the Login button.

•In the pop-up window, select the “Registration” button.

•Enter a valid email address.

•Create a password of at least six characters. At least one of the characters must be a letter and a number.

•Accept the terms of the “User Agreement”.

•Fight the captcha “I’m not a robot.”

•Click the “Register” button.

•Go to the specified mailbox. You should receive an email with a link to account activation.

•Click on this link.

After activation, you will see the message “Registration completed successfully.”

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