The TnT drama is popular among Roku users. The website has more than 100 channels. There isn’t any other website with this much database of channels. You will find this website in more than 150 countries. There are 30 languages in which you can play the content of this site. After getting to know about it, you will definitely want to have it installed on your device. Well, we are going to discuss the steps to activate the TnT drama on your device.

TNTDrama activate

Without activating the TnT drama on your device, you will have to visit the website every time you stream channels which is why it becomes extremely important to activate the TnT drama.

What is required to activate TnT drama on the device?

For activation, you need a media streaming player like Roku, Xbox and Apple TV. If you are using Fire TV stick, then there is no reason for not to watch favorite channels on TnT drama. The list is soon going to expand in the coming months. As of now, the TnT streaming is available only on the above-mentioned devices.

When you start the activation process, an activation code is required first. After entering the code, you will be able to activate the device successfully and all the programs will then get unlocked. The whole process of activation is quite simple.

You need to have a valid subscription for TnT drama. The account should be in working state and reliable internet connection must be available.

Turn on the device from which you are activating the TnT drama.

Lastly, when activating the TnT drama, if your device is preventing you from downloading the app through third-party sources, then enable the installation from third-party sources by getting into the ‘Settings’ menu.

Now, try downloading the app again on your device and check if it is downloading or not.

How to activate TnT drama: The steps to activate the channel varies from device to device. We are going to discuss the steps for activating it on the Xbox One gaming console.

How to activate TnT drama on Xbox One?

With the Xbox One gaming console, you can unlock the TnT drama content. You only need the activation of this device through the below-mentioned steps.

  • Connect the gaming console to the power input.
  • Connect the Xbox One to the TV.
  • Search for the TNT drama app on your Xbox gaming gadget.
  • Open the app and go to the ‘Gear’ icon.
  • Select ‘TnT’ and note down the activation code displayed on the screen.
  • Launch browser from the computer or phone.
  • Search www.TnT
  • Enter activation code and press ‘Submit’.
  • Wait for few minutes till the time, TnT will link the device to the account.
  • On successful completion, you will get a message ‘Activated successfully’ on screen.
  • We deliver help regarding TNTDrama channel activation process. So, if you can’t activate the app through TNTDrama activate website, then just get in touch with our experts, as they will help you with the process in the best way.

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