How Is Video Quality On Sony Crackle?

Sony Crackle offers a variety of online streaming videos to its consumers. There is a ton of content available for its users to watch. At the same time, the content quality is what that matters the most as it is actually the quality of the video that makes our experience enjoyable. No one likes to have hazy view, so let’s find out how the video quality of Sony Crackles video is.

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Well before saying anything further, you should know that it is a free service, means you are not paying to watch the content on this website. Therefore, it is preferable to keep your hopes low on this one. The video quality is not really high-definition, as you would expect with streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, but it is decent enough for you to watch on small screens. However, if you are going to watch the TV shows or movies on a large screen, you will definitely find the video quality deteriorating. Many users have shared their feedback on Sony Crackle and found that the video quality is good on a normal computer screen, but goes bad when the content is watched on a large TV screen.

However, the video that you watch on Sony Crackle is free from buffering. It is very annoying to see videos getting paused for no reason when you’re in the middle of watching your favorite TV shows or movies. In Sony Crackle, the video will start with an advertisement and then, the main content will begin without any buffering. Even when you click forward on the video, it will take just a moment and you will see it playing on the screen. It has also been reported by the users that when they had to pause the video midway and resume playing the video after some time or the next day, then the video starts from where the users had left playing it.

Another section of users have commented negative about the service. They have written on various online platforms regarding the problems that they have faced while streaming videos on Sony Crackle. They have reported buffering and delays while playing movies. The reason could be poor network, as our watching experience totally depends on the bandwidth of network and the computer speed.

The caption settings on Sony Crackle are exceptionally good; as they let users customize the caption in the way they like. To adjust them, open the video you would like to watch, and then open the CC/SUB tab and you can change the language, adjust font and size of the subs. You can also adjust background and font color along with adjusting the dimness or the darkness of the text.

All the users have adored this feature. If you are watching a movie with dark visuals, then you can adjust the luminosity of the text. This certainly makes the text eye friendly, but lamentably, the feature of closed subtitle is not applicable on all the videos.

It is complimented that Sony Crackle movies or TV shows could be watched on a full screen-mode, which allows the users to get a theatre-like experience at their own place without stepping out.

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