Crackle Com Activate

How And Why Do I Activate Sony Crackle On My Smart TV Device?

Sony Crackle app is one of the most amazing applications to have in your streaming device. You must be wondering what makes the Sony Crackle app so special, right? Well, it’s the ability of this app to provide you the most exciting content free of cost. Yes, you have heard it right, the content available on this platform is available free of cost. If you want to access Sony Crackle app, then you need to activate the app first, which is a step that you can’t skip.

Crackle Com Activate

You have to do it, and here is how you can:

  1. The process begins with downloading and installing the Crackle app on your streaming device, which is like downloading any app from the app store on your smartphone. After that, you will have to activate it by entering an activation code on the activation page of the Crackle website, which happens to be either on your computer or on smartphone.
  2. If you are unable to find the activation code, then you can find it in a number of ways, depending on the device you are using.
  3. After activating the app, when you open the app, you will see a message being popped up on the screen of your streaming device, i.e., ‘activate your device’ or ‘skip’. So, you can decide as to what you want to do. If you decide to select ‘activate your device’, then you will see an activation code.
  4. There is one more way of getting the activation code, i.e., by selecting the ‘My Crackle’ option, which you can find on the ‘Menu’ bar followed by selecting the ‘Activation’ option.
  5. Now, you need to type in the activation code at the aforementioned webpage, i.e.,

Now that you know how to activate your Sony Crackle app, the next thing that you must be looking to find an answer to is why should you activate your device? Why can’t you use the Crackle app after installing it? Let’s delve into those details now.

The reason for activating the Crackle app is simple, to be able to use it without logging it again and again. By activating Sony Crackle app, you will not have to enter the Crackle username and password repeatedly. It doesn’t matter how many devices you access the Crackle app on, you will be able to access it without any issue if you have activated the app.

Also, activating the Sony Crackle app lets you gain access to the Crackle suite of several personalized features such as parental controls, watch later list and much more.

We furnish support for Crackle streaming app on all major streaming devices. If you trying to activate Crackle via

Crackle Activate, but are unable to do so due to any reason, then just get in touch with our experts.


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