Everything You Need To Know About Disney +

The Disney +, Disney streaming service that aims to compete directly with Netflix and other similar platforms has already been launched in the US and in some other countries of the world. The app is doing immensely good with its high-quality content that is filled with excitement and thrill.

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Disney has thoroughly analyzed all other streaming channels that are already out in the market and doing great. Disney hasn’t repeated the mistake that other companies did by limiting its contents to a few devices. Disney + app is available on all major streaming platforms such as iOS, Android and for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles to Apple TV and Android TV. The app is also present in Google Chromecast, which shows that the company has left no one behind. This availability on all major streaming devices allows the company to get more eyeballs than any other streaming channel that is available on the market.

Disney + also features a striking feature of Netflix, which is content curation. The difference is that while Netflix relies solely on its algorithm (for now) to suggest its next movie or series, Disney also has human editors responsible for indicating material for users to consume. Suggestions are an important part of the service, which will feature more than 500 films already in the release and more than 7,500 episodes of series for the public.

Netflix has also inspired Disney + to create different profiles within a single account, allowing each person in a house to have their own recommendations and list of movies and series to watch. There are up to seven profiles per account, but it is worth noting that Disney has already said it is investing in solutions to mitigate “piracy,” as the company defines sharing accounts with people who do not live in the same residence as you. The company has limited each account to four simultaneous broadcasts, which is more than Netflix’s standard plan, however.

When opening the service, the user comes across a carousel of highlights that will be updated periodically, focusing on the original content. Disney + also features frames dividing your material by the studios responsible, so if you only want Marvel movies, for example, access to them is simplified. The same goes for Pixar works.

Then comes the Disney + mobile app, which allows movies and series to be downloaded for offline playback, and the company has decided not to limit the number of content users can download to play this way. So, the only restriction is the amount of free storage on your phone or tablet. The monthly cost of Disney + is also quite less, and it also offers 4K video streaming, something that is available on Netflix in its premium package. Disney has launched the app after properly analyzing other companies and their strategies, which is why Disney + app has it all that users wanted in other apps but couldn’t really get it despite various attempts.

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