Disney World Has Disney Characters Inspired Wedding Gowns

It is a fact that Disney world holds numerous weddings in its beautiful parks over the years. They have beautiful gowns, which start from $1,200 and above. They have an admirable Rose Court Garden in Disneyland, which you must have seen in a popular Disney show ‘Fairytale Wedding Special’.

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Disney parks and cruises hold 4,000 plus weddings every year because of their beauty. Brides are obsessed with their childhood dream to come true and thus, Disney came up with the idea of presenting Wedding dresses inspired by Disney princesses. The wedding gown collection despite being sold at a price range of $10,000 are a hit among the about-to-be brides.

There are in total 16 gowns, which are inspired by the Disney princesses such as Snow White from ‘Snow White, Tiana from ‘The Princess and the Frog’, Jasmine from ‘Aladdin’, Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’, Aurora from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’, etc.

Gowns are exact replicas of the Disney dresses. They are designed specifically according to the original attires worn by those timeless characters that every girl used to love and admire during their adolescent age.  Many have liked the gown, which was in mermaid silhouette based on Ariel and the Golden off-shoulder gown based on  Belle’s wedding which she wore in ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

The platinum grown wore by Tiana is to be released from the range, starting from $3500. These gowns are made of Crystal hand-beading and shimmery thread work. As per the price mentioned by Knot, these wedding Gowns have a price of $1631 in 2018 in the U.S.A.

These designs will be available in the market at Bride salon by the end of April or beginning of May. There are around seven new designed which will be present only at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City. Their store has appreciated these Gowns and stated ‘Say Yes to The Dress’, for their TLC show and bridal store in Toronto as well.

If you want to have a Disney wedding, then it will cost you around $3,000 to reserve the place during the night. The Magic Kingdom at Orlando in Florida, which overlooks Cinderella’s Castle will cost similar. However, if you choose to get married in Disney parks then, you must consult the schedule of their events and plan accordingly. Usually, the events take place in the morning.

The wedding ceremonies in places such as Epcot, outside the Tower of Terror Ride, or by the Tree of Life and similar places arrange wedding parties at an extremely lesser price, which is $4,500. Another cheaper option is the Disney Cruise line, which will be $3,500 however it’s a small place that can adjust up to 18 guests.

Well, the venue price has been specified before. The food will cost you somewhere between $140 and $190 per person. The flower arrangement, music and entertainment, transportation are extra and maybe there is an obligation that you need to choose the Disney associated vendors. After this, if you want Disney characters at the wedding that will cost you extra on an hourly basis.

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