Disney+ Now Available On Hotstar With No Manipulation In Subscription Plans

Good news for Disney+ users who want to watch the content on Hotstar. Hotstar has now launched the Disney+ service on its platform.  All the content is now available on Hotstar. If you love to watch series like Timon or Pumbaa or more, then you can watch it using the premium service of Hotstar. It is available for VIP users of this streaming service.

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Most amazing thing is that there are no extra charges charged by the company for this service. Users can get this service as a part of the subscribed plan. Most of the titles are available in multiple languages like English, Spanish, Hindi, etc. Yes, if you want to watch the original English version, then it is only available to those users who have subscribed to the premium service. Vip users can watch the dubbed version of movies or shows in their language. Like for example if the show is produced in the English version, then it can be changed to the Indian language.

Disney has announced that it has started the subscription-based service in the US and other countries. If you have downloaded the Hotstar app on your device and want to stream the episodes, then you are good to go. Disney CEO, Robert Iger has announced this launch during the press conference with the media persons. Along with this, he also revealed quarterly company earnings. According to his conference, the company is pleased to launch its service on Hotstar available in India. If you are a big fan of cricket and don’t want to miss any single match of upcoming Indian premier league, then subscribe to any Hotstar service. The company also explained that the Hotstar app will be rebranded to Disney+ Hotstar.

Disney has spent $71 billion for purchasing Twenty-first-century fox to take control over Hotstar. At present, there are almost 300 million active users of Hotstar worldwide and the number is continuously increasing with every passing day.

Most of the users of Hotstar are using the free service and Disney is aiming to convert them to the paid subscriber by offering attractive services.

Disney is putting its best efforts to stand in competition with other streaming service rivals like Netflix and Amazon.com. The company has decided to get the most of the business from India as the new subscribers are continuously increasing in this country.

There are two tiers of pricing for Disney+ Hotstar. If you want to get premium content that showcases original programming like ‘Star Wars’ or ‘The Mandalorian’ then you will have to pay some bucks extra than the normal plan. If you want to see complete details, then login to the Disney Now.

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