All Set For Advance Screening Of A Lifetime Movie Shot In Brighton

The city of Brighton has all set to host the first look of the movie shot at Brighton on Lifetime channel before it actually airs.

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We want to tell you that the city is going to host the advance screening of the movie for free named ‘A Christmas winter song’. The time and place of screening decided by the team is 6:30 p.m., at Brighton center of performing arts in the Brighton High school located on the Brighton road.

Tara Brown, the city clerk said the seats for watching the advanced screening of movies are allocated on the first come first serve basis, so no reservations are going to take place. The total carrying capacity of the center is 899 and we are hoping that all the seats will be filled, said Brown.

Coming to the scenes and shots taken earlier by the crew. It was directed at downtown Brighton eatery Lynn first and then at Shop Wood N things. Apart from this, some shots are also taken at Mill pond and at the residence of Whitmore Lake.

Producer Danny Roth shared his experience online and said he has really enjoyed the unique place and its generous residents. By the way, it is imperative to share here that Danny Roth is the chief creative officer at Los Angeles based Never films company.

The main star cast and singer Ashanti is going to show face on lifetime at 8 P.M. In the movie, Ashanti is playing the role of Clio, who assists her friend Fred, a jazz singer whose role has been played by Stan Shaw.

Clio lost her father and Fred help her in bringing together his own daughter for celebrating Christmas.

The special advanced screening is going to happen due to the producer who is localite of Brighton city and wants to showcase the city. He contacted the casting team and offered to run a premiere in the city where the shots are taken.

During the premiere, a team from Wood N’ Things will share a short presentation depicting the scenes behind the shots and along with the experience of how the shots were taken at their shop.

One interesting thing to notice is that the whole movie is shot in May during this time the tulips and scrubs were in bloom which sometimes creates a problem in shooting the scene and the whole scene was shot again.

Ashanti is planning to watch the movie every year with her family to make it a tradition. To get this happen to our family was most fascinating. The filmmakers have ended up shop with Christmas decorations instead of filling with props. All the decoration was done by us. She added.

It will be really amazing to watch behind the scenes photos of the crew all around the place which were taken during filming. Lifetime’s clause is that it will showcase the premiere for free to all viewers.

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